Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do you do a contract for each job?
A.  Yes, it is required by law.

Q.  Do you use subcontractors?
A.  Yes, a licensed plumber does our plumbing. 

Q.  Do you have references?
A.  Yes, available upon request.

Q.  Are you insured?
A.  Yes, we will have our insurance company mail you a copy of our insurance certificate upon request.

Q.  How long will I have to wait to have my job done?
A.  All contracts will have a start and finish date required by law so you will know approximately when your job will start and finish.

Q. Will remodeling increase the value of my home? 
A. Yes, typically a kitchen or bathroom remodel will make your home more valuable. The longer you live in the house and maintain the product the more value it will bring to your house. 

Q. Will I have to pay sales tax?
A. New York State has a Capital Improvement policy. If you buy the material for the job from us and we install it, and it falls under the non-tangible items category, you will not be charged sales tax. Appliances do not fall under Capital Improvement policy.

Q. I only want some things replaced, will you do just a portion of a kitchen or bathroom?
A. Yes, small jobs as well as big jobs.

Q. Will you go over my existing bathtub? 
A. No, we remove all bathtubs and showers to the studs. We do not cover up.

Q. How long does it take to change out a bathtub and shower area? 
A. Usually take a day and a half to two days, if we are not painting walls and ceiling.